We all occasionally need to ask for some advice from someone. In business there are opportunities to ask for help as well. There are many reasons why a company or a manager would call on the services of a Consultant:

  • An objective point of view
  • Need additional workforce for term limit projects
  • A need for specialized skills or information
  • Need someone to make the hard decisions

Sometimes managers and executives are too close to a problem or situation to be able to objectively evaluate. There is much to be said for a fresh set of eyes and a point of view that doesn’t come from an internal culture. Consulting firms have extensive experience in evaluating multiple disciplines and can see solutions where a company may feel like they are hitting a brick wall.

The consultant or agency can supplement the existing work force. Many companies have learned that they can save a significant amount of money by paying the higher hourly rate fees for a consultant and not worrying about benefits, training, or use of internal resources. This works very well for projects that have a finite amount of time.

Companies seek out consultants that are experts not only to help identify opportunities and solve problems, they are also excellent sources for training.  The cost of staying up-to-date on certifications and knowledge base is at the consultant’s expense. It is more cost effective to bring in an outside agency to train your employees than to send multiple employees away for training.

No one likes to be the bad guy, and in many cases,  it works out well to have an outside agency come in and make an assessment of processes and resources.