Human capital management software (HCM software) refers to applications that are intended to help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Generally speaking, human capital management software is considered to be enterprise class software that can scale up and automate processes like payroll, performance reviews, recruiting and training.

Traditionally, organizations have come accustomed to using multiple software systems to manage their Payroll, HR, and Time and Labor needs. Human capital management software is essentially a combination of these different software solutions. Instead of having payroll software, time-sheet software, productivity analytics software and so on, human capital management software integrates all those functions into one platform.

Why should you think twice about implementing a HCM software solution? There are MANY reasons to upgrade your system and implement a full-suite, cloud based HCM solution, such as Kronos Workforce Ready. Here are just a few reasons why you should upgrade:

1. One Unified Platform With a Single Employee Record:
With WFR, you get one employee record from which all modules in the product suite pull information. Rather than entering data multiple times across different applications, you enter an employee’s data into the system ONCE, and it automatically populates all the applications in the suite. This approach reduces data-entry errors and ensures up-to-date information across all modules — in real time.

2. Single Source of Truth:
By using a common reporting engine across all the applications, you’re drawing from a “single source of truth” instead of trying to marry multiple sources of employee information. And data is updated in real time, so you’re making decisions based on accurate information versus legacy-latent data that can easily lead to the wrong conclusions.

3. Single User Interface:
With Workforce Ready, users are always working in the same user interface across all modules — minimizing user training and boosting efficiency. New user adoption is accelerated with embedded online, role-based training and support tools.

4. Built For Your Entire Workforce:
Regardless of what percentage of your workforce is hourly or salary, Workforce Ready bridges the divide to ensure you address everyone’s needs. Managing, measuring, and paying an hourly workforce is complex, whether they’re full time or part time. From simply capturing and accounting for time worked or time off taken to comply with numerous union and pay rules or labor laws such as the Affordable Care Act, accurately administering a nonexempt workforce is challenging for all organizations.

5. Streamline HR Administration and Simplify Compliance:
Organizations of all sizes must accurately capture and account for employee time worked or time off taken. Workforce Ready eliminates outdated manual processes for tracking attendance, overtime, and leave, and further relieves the burden on HR by providing employees with self-service tools. With Workforce Ready, you get the tools, visibility, and monthly updates you need to simplify your organization’s compliance strategies and minimize risk. Your organization is required to comply with myriad union and pay rules; federal, state, and local labor laws; and legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With Workforce Ready, wage and hour policies are defined once and applied the same way every time, eliminating human error and simplifying how you manage, measure, and pay your hourly workforce.

6. Drive Productivity:
Workforce Ready gives organizations single-source access to all employee information in a unified database. Rather than entering data multiple times across different applications, this single data source streamlines processes for heightened ease of use and improved decision making.

7. Increase Employee Engagement:
Workforce Ready automates and enforces HR, time and attendance, and schedule policies that promote fairness, consistency, and efficiency across all employees and locations. These improved organizational changes will increase employee engagement and sharpen your competitive edge.

8. Proven ROI from a Proven Cloud Provider:
You can deploy Workforce Ready without straining your budget or placing additional demands on your IT staff because Kronos manages the system for you. At ACG, we offer payment plans to help minimize the upfront cost when implementing a new software solution. We also train your workforce and offer ongoing training whenever you need it!

9. Work with a partner that puts YOU first!
At ACG, we want to help grow your business! Why not work with a partner that can deliver incredible service and help organize and grow your business? Click the link here to read why you should choose ACG as your HCM Provider!