Do you have a contingency plan for your payroll?  More and more companies are realizing the benefits of working with a payroll service provider: decreased cost of training, turnover, contingency, and reliability; managed services may be the perfect option to take your organization into the future.  ACG offers custom tailored payroll service programs that will fit your organization’s needs.  From full to partial service, we can meet the needs of clients of any size, in any State.  Our team of trained professionals are standing by to assist in a smooth transition, and empower your employees with training for success.

We utilize ACG WorkForce for our payroll platform which uses cloud-based technology to deliver a single application with Time, Payroll, and HR.  This powerful software simplifies processing and provides our clients with powerful reporting; information on the go, using our mobile app, and backed the industry leader, Kronos Workforce Ready.

Payroll Administration

Employee Maintenance

Garnishment Setup

Benefit / Deduction Management

Tax Compliance

Payroll Processing

Time Entry

Check Printing / ACH

Tax Payments

Garnishment Payments

Payroll Compliance

Quarter End

Year End

Wage Statements

Income Verifications

Workforce Solutions

ACG WorkForce suite combines the power of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in one unified cloud platform to help you manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire — whether they’re salaried, hourly, full time, or part time.

ACG WorkForce has feature-rich functionality giving hiring managers quick and easy access to requesting new job requisitions, viewing applications, scheduling interviews with ease, and the flexibility of custom workflow and notifications. Meanwhile the applicant can easily browse job openings, upload a resume, apply for one or multiple positions, and receive status updates. Learn More

ACG WorkForce will empower managers to quickly access necessary information to make critical decisions quickly. Gained efficiencies come from workflow automation through HR Action requests, electronic performance evaluations, track assets, and unlimited custom fields.Learn More

ACG WorkForce provides employees the ability to review and change benefit elections as needed from the comfort of their own home. Online enrollment is available not only for open enrollment periods, but also for life change events, as well. Benefit administrators are always kept in the loop with the powerful workflow and notification engine within the application. Learn More

ACG WorkForce will aid your organization in State and Federal compliance, regardless of how you collect time. Choose to clock in or out using a time clock, online, mobile app, or simply have employees enter the total hours worked each day without punching in and out, the flexibility is yours. Employees can request time off from their mobile app; managers can also approve time cards, and time off requests from their mobile apps, as well. Learn More

ACG WorkForce will turn payroll headaches into smiles. It’s a single application with Time & Labor, that easily allows for time syncing with no exporting or importing of time data. Last minute correction? No problem! Simply click sync and your payroll is updated. Payroll alerts help manage those one-time items that are easy to forget. Since payroll shares the same data source as HR, there is no updating or syncing integrations with HR. Payroll is delivered on-time, every time.
Learn More

ACG WorkForce is accessible anytime, anywhere keeping your managers apprised of important information, access to their workflow, approvals, reporting, and notifications.  Employees also demand self service options: viewing important company documents, directory of employees, pay statements, W2 information, ability to update their tax withholding, make benefit changes, and change direct deposit accounts.  This isn’t just a mobile website, it’s an app! Learn More

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