Is your company using an outdated payroll solution? Does the idea of switching payroll providers seem daunting, costly, and time consuming? If you take a closer look, you might just realize that keeping an outdated payroll system is costing you more money in the long run than the cost of purchasing a brand-new system. Here are some of the reasons your outdated system may be costing more money and time than you realize:

1. Speed
Is your old payroll software system slowing you down? By upgrading your system, you could switch to a program that is 2-3x as fast and can run reports in REAL TIME. Not only would your program be quicker, but your organization would be significantly more efficient in processing payroll.

2. Redundancy
A lot of outdated payroll software systems aren’t always able to be set up the way your organization would prefer. Is your staff spending more time “tricking” the system than working with it? In too many scenarios, staff spend more time trying to get the system to work WITH them when the system should be working FOR them. Why keep an old program that takes time away from your employees instead of giving them time back? Why not switch to a system that is able to eliminate redundant tasks, save time, and is able to work FOR your organization? The truth of the matter is, switching your old system to a better functioning, faster, and more efficient program is not actually THAT hard. The task may seem daunting but working with a highly skilled implementation and support team can make the process smooth and painless.

3. Access and Disaster Recovery
Does your current software program allow you to have access anytime, anywhere? If not, it might be time to consider switching to a software that has this capability. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to access all the information you need from home, from your phone, or even in your car? Not only does access matter, but it’s VERY important to choose a program that is 100% backed up. What if a disaster happened in your area or your server died? With Kronos Workforce Ready, you won’t need to worry about any of this! Not

4. Paper Expense
Organizations tend to use a lot of paper while processing payroll: stamps, envelopes, and paper reports all cost money. All these things add up quickly and is most likely cutting into your organizations budget. By switching to a streamlined, cloud-based payroll system, not only would you save money on paper expenses, you would be significantly more organized! No more file cabinets, no more stacks of paper reports, everything can easily be stored in an online system, accessible to you anywhere, anytime. Not only would you have access anywhere, anytime, but your information is all backed up in the cloud. Read below for some tips on how to begin the process of switching your payroll software system:

As you shop around for a new payroll service provider to meet your business needs, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. If you are ready to switch payroll providers, follow this comprehensive checklist before you make the change.

1. Do your research
Check out all your options! It is good to do your research and know the pros and cons of the different systems you are looking into. Once you have compiled a list of your top candidates, investigate their experience, credentials, check out their website and get a feel for what makes their company and service different than others on the market. Some important things to consider when choosing a software provider is to know what time zone they work in. This could impact whether they are open when you need them. After all, you want a software provider that is available during your hours of operation and are available to answer any questions your organization may have.

2. Consider your payroll needs
Before you completely switch systems, it is a good idea to really look at what bothers you about your current program. Identify your pain points and what you would like to change. Have these in the back of your mind so you can be sure the next program you look at will have a different process. While it is important to know your pain points, it is just as important to know what you LOVE about your current system if anything. A new software program should be able to keep the processes in place that are working for your unique organization. For instance, would your organization like to end the days of entering employee information into multiple systems? If you are trying to put an end to redundant work, it may be time to switch to a program that uses a single source system with one employee record!

3. Utilize customer support
Does the new program you are looking into offer customer support? Is the support costly and does the company provide ongoing training? It is important to understand the level of support you will have once you make the transition to a new program. A well-run organization will offer on going software training, 24/7 customer support, and will have highly trained professionals running the entire implementation. Be sure you understand not only the software, but also the people behind the software and what level of support they are willing to offer you.

4. Demo the product
Now that you have done your research and have narrowed down your options, it is time to schedule your complimentary demo! It is highly important that you look at the product and see first-hand what you would be working with. Do you like how it looks? Is the software customizable? Is it user-friendly? Does the software fit within your organizations needs and expectations? Will it grow and change with your organization or will that cause you to reimplement? These are all great things to pay attention to while demoing the product for the first time. It is essential that you get a feel for the software before you make any decisions, after all this is something your organization will be utilizing often. After you demo the product, take your time to communicate with the organization and ask any questions you may have. The more information you have going into an agreement, the easier the transition will be!

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