Did you know that 64% of job applicants would share a negative application experience, and 27% of those would actively discourage others from applying? This is bad news for any organization that doesn’t have a great recruitment/application system in place. Once a candidate is frustrated by your process, it won’t bode well for your organization or its reputation. Not only can a frustrated candidate discourage other applicants, they can also negatively impact your reputation that you work so hard to build. A bad reputation can damage any size corporation and your new recruits are first in line to experience the process.

Studies show that 60% of candidates have quit an application process that is too long or complicated. There’s a good chance you are missing out on top talent just by not having a great, seamless process in place!

At ACG, our Kronos Workforce Ready HR solution offers a seamless recruiting/hiring process that will follow an applicant through pre-hire to retire. With one database, all employee information that is entered during the interview stages will follow the applicant throughout the entire process. This saves you time by avoiding the mundane task of re-entering employee information. Potential candidates have the opportunity to easily search for positions, upload their resume, track the entire process online, and even help schedule their own interview! If your new hire has a positive hiring experience, studies show that they are 15% more likely to put more effort into their job! Help your organization by switching to a software system that can do ALL of this!

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