In today’s workplace, the age of physical storage is fading away fast. Businesses are realizing the benefits of moving their programs to the cloud and are searching for programs with this capability. Cloud-based HCM programs, such as Kronos Workforce Ready offer limitless space, ease of access, low cost, and the ability to work from anywhere. Besides the fact that cloud-based programs are beneficial for many reasons, they can also help strengthen your bottom line! Check out these 4 ways using the cloud can save your organization money!

1. Improved collaboration
Cloud-based programs can be used at any time on almost ANY device with an Internet connection. Workforce Ready offers a mobile application that can be utilized for remote or traveling employees, which increases collaboration within any organization. More and more organizations today are changing their business models to include remote workers and it is critical that they have access to cloud-based HCM platforms. By switching to a robust, fully integrated HCM software platform, organizations are improving collaboration by giving employees the access to work anywhere at any time!

2. Faster recruitment
Recruiting and hiring employees can be a long and expensive process. For small and medium sized businesses, slow recruitment practices can drag employees from their usual tasks and hinder your business growth. Kronos Workforce Ready offers a robust recruitment tool that can streamline and simplify your entire hiring practice. The Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition tool lets recruiters and hiring managers source, track, and evaluate talent while providing a positive, consistent applicant experience. Candidates can easily search jobs and apply online, while managers can post job requisitions, screen and accept applications, and track applicants throughout the pre-hire process. And employees are engaged from the very start with configurable onboarding tools and social media integration.

3. Secure data backup
Having on-site storage leaves your organization highly susceptible to an on-site system failure, such as a flood, fire, or earthquake. By choosing to utilize a cloud-based software program you can help ensure you are able to retrieve the latest versions of your data in case one of these disasters were to occur. You can choose a Cloud-based service to back up your data frequently or automatically to a safe online location, so that if the unexpected happens, you can be back up and running within minutes. Kronos Workforce Ready is 100% cloud-based and backed up in the cloud, meaning everything is stored in the safest manner possible.

4. Lower costs
Cloud-based services can help you save money on many fronts, including server maintenance, power and cooling costs, and software licensing and upgrade expenses. Also important to note, is that when organizations move to cloud-based programs, they eliminate unnecessary IT costs as well. Generally speaking, at least one IT professional was required to keep your systems up and running, or you could hire an outside vendor, which also came at an additional cost. Moving forward with an organization that can sell you the software and provide unlimited service, will greatly reduce your overall costs. Subscribing to software and services for a low monthly fee can help small businesses stretch their budgets further. Along with the ability to scale up to meet increased demand, the Cloud also allows you to scale down during slower periods (e.g., remove users or use less storage space), saving your business money.

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