Name: Matt Edman
Position: President, CEO

Job Description:

As our CEO, Matt has a lot of responsibilities and remains heavily involved in every facet of our business at ACG. He founded ACG in 2009 when clients requested a unique type of service which wasn’t offered by other companies local to Alaska. Since that time Matt has taken ACG nationwide and our goal is to continue servicing the accounting, payroll, human resource, time and attendance needs of our growing client base.

While his job description is extensive, here is a brief overview of his day-to-day tasks:

Matt’s overall goal is to serve as a critical advisor to our entire team and support every aspect of our business. He supports pre-sales processes and works with sales and account management professionals to win new business, implement systems, conduct proposal reviews and refinement, recruit new staff, and provide staff development to the entire team.

He works extremely hard to communicate effectively with clients and prospects to understand the unique needs of their company and find business solutions that are both timely and cost-effective for the client. Matt continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships through developing trust and gaining a firm understanding of their business. His main objective is to communicate effectively with every client to create and execute work plans and revise as appropriate to meet client’s needs and requirements.

Matt is actively engaged in every project, providing management of implementation projects and staffing including assignments, capacity planning and project profitability. He maintains complete control on project schedule, budget and risk issues; facilitates timely decisions to maintain project schedule and budget. He works tirelessly to identify project risk early and assist by providing prudent and timely recommendations for risk avoidance. Matt also oversees and executes process improvements and the development of policies, procedures, methods, and tools in support of delivery.

Colleagues and staff describe Matt as a leader, professional, outstanding work ethic, honest, and fun. Matt believes that critical thinking skills combined with his vast experience in many different industries give him the ability to provide clients with a wealth of knowledge.

As the leader of ACG, Matt aims to establish strategic plans along with other business leaders and maintain strong relationships with solutions delivery, the sales team, account managers and other business leaders in support of cross-product businesses.

In his free time Matt enjoys spending time with his family and traveling from the northern coast of Alaska to Bora Bora. He lives an active lifestyle and has earned the title of marathoner and triathlete.

Our goal at ACG is to offer a world-class product, EXCELLENT customer service, and establish a consultative business approach with every client we work with.