What is HCM Software and Why Should You Be Using It?

Human capital management software (HCM software) refers to applications that are intended to help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Generally speaking, human capital management software is considered to be enterprise class software that can scale up and automate processes like payroll, performance reviews, recruiting and training. Traditionally, organizations have come accustomed to using multiple software systems to manage [...]

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Is using an outdated payroll software hurting your business?

Is your company using an outdated payroll solution? Does the idea of switching payroll providers seem daunting, costly, and time consuming? If you take a closer look, you might just realize that keeping an outdated payroll system is costing you more money in the long run than the cost of purchasing a brand-new system. Here are some of the reasons [...]

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Get to Know our President

Name: Matt Edman Position: President, CEO Job Description: As our CEO, Matt has a lot of responsibilities and remains heavily involved in every facet of our business at ACG. He founded ACG in 2009 when clients requested a unique type of service which wasn’t offered by other companies local to Alaska. Since that time Matt has taken ACG nationwide and [...]

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Are you wasting time at work because of your outdated HR/Payroll software system?

For anyone who has worked in Human Resources and/or Payroll, you will understand the frustration and headache of working with multiple platforms requiring repetitive data entry just to bring a new employee onboard and get them set up with benefits and accounts. For too long, companies have been chained to software programs and databases that barely communicate with one another. [...]

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When to Ask for Help from a Consultant

We all occasionally need to ask for some advice from someone. In business there are opportunities to ask for help as well. There are many reasons why a company or a manager would call on the services of a Consultant: An objective point of view Need additional workforce for term limit projects A need for specialized skills or information Need [...]

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