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5 Signs Your Payroll Process Isn’t Scalable

1. You still enter payroll manually Are you still tracking your employees Payroll manually by using spreadsheets? If you have a small organization, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with this kind of process, but as your company grows this can get out of hand quickly. Manual entry on spreadsheets can cause more headaches for managers, an increase in human errors, and if multiple managers have access to edit the spreadsheet, you can expect more errors to be made on a routine basis. As your organization grows, you may need to consider a solution that has the ability to scale with your company. By switching to a system that automates your HR, Payroll, and Time & Labor, you can simplify your process and drastically minimize Payroll [...]

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How Using the Cloud Can Drive Down Business Costs

In today’s workplace, the age of physical storage is fading away fast. Businesses are realizing the benefits of moving their programs to the cloud and are searching for programs with this capability. Cloud-based HCM programs, such as Kronos Workforce Ready offer limitless space, ease of access, low cost, and the ability to work from anywhere. Besides the fact that cloud-based programs are beneficial for many reasons, they can also help strengthen your bottom line! Check out these 4 ways using the cloud can save your organization money! 1. Improved collaboration Cloud-based programs can be used at any time on almost ANY device with an Internet connection. Workforce Ready offers a mobile application that can be utilized for remote or traveling employees, which increases collaboration within [...]

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4 Benefits of Switching your HCM Applications to the Cloud

1. Increased security and speed: For organizations that are still using server-based programs, it may seem scary moving to a cloud-based program. It is a common misconception that software programs that are cloud-based are less secure, when in fact it is just the opposite! Locally hosted programs leave organizations vulnerable to a potential virus, data breach, property theft and even personal identity theft. By choosing to move forward with a cloud-based application, you are protecting your organization from these threats. Not only do cloud based applications, such as Kronos Workforce Ready help protect your organization from potential threats, it is proven that cloud-based programs run FASTER. Information that you need can be accessed faster, saving you and your employees valuable time. 2. Ability to work [...]

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Work from Anywhere with Kronos Workforce Ready!

Are you looking to upgrade your Human Capital Management system? Are you looking for a unified Software platform to manage your Payroll, HR, Recruiting, and Time & Labor needs all while having the capability to work ANYWHERE? Look no further, Kronos Workforce Ready can offer your organization and employees with all these things. ACG Workforce Ready is a unified, cloud-based HCM platform with ONE employee record that comes with a mobile application that allows you and your employees to work from ANYWHERE! The Workforce Ready® mobile application provides managers and employees with immediate access to their human capital management solution, wherever they may be. This app — available for Apple and Android devices — is designed to delight and built to engage the modern mobile [...]

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How Your Hiring Process Can Help Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Did you know that 64% of job applicants would share a negative application experience, and 27% of those would actively discourage others from applying? This is bad news for any organization that doesn’t have a great recruitment/application system in place. Once a candidate is frustrated by your process, it won’t bode well for your organization or its reputation. Not only can a frustrated candidate discourage other applicants, they can also negatively impact your reputation that you work so hard to build. A bad reputation can damage any size corporation and your new recruits are first in line to experience the process. Studies show that 60% of candidates have quit an application process that is too long or complicated. There’s a good chance you are missing [...]

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How can Payroll Outsourcing Services Help Your Organization?

Even the most organized and experienced professionals can find payroll to be a massive headache. The Internal Revenue Service has reported that one out of every three employers have been charged for a payroll mistake, with total penalties reaching into the billions of dollars. And given the ever-changing nature of tax regulations, it's easy to make an error that can grossly affect your bottom line. Not only can inaccurate and inefficient payroll processes hurt your organization, it can also harm your employees. An employee’s motivation is largely associated with their salaries. When a payroll error occurs, the employee’s beliefs and confidence in the company will diminish. This could lead to inefficient and unmotivated workers, which will bring negative long-term effects onto your organization. This is [...]

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What is HCM Software and Why Should You Be Using It?

Human capital management software (HCM software) refers to applications that are intended to help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Generally speaking, human capital management software is considered to be enterprise class software that can scale up and automate processes like payroll, performance reviews, recruiting and training. Traditionally, organizations have come accustomed to using multiple software systems to manage their Payroll, HR, and Time and Labor needs. Human capital management software is essentially a combination of these different software solutions. Instead of having payroll software, time-sheet software, productivity analytics software and so on, human capital management software integrates all those functions into one platform. Why should you think twice about implementing a HCM software solution? There are MANY reasons to upgrade your system and [...]

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Is using an outdated payroll software hurting your business?

Is your company using an outdated payroll solution? Does the idea of switching payroll providers seem daunting, costly, and time consuming? If you take a closer look, you might just realize that keeping an outdated payroll system is costing you more money in the long run than the cost of purchasing a brand-new system. Here are some of the reasons your outdated system may be costing more money and time than you realize: 1. Speed Is your old payroll software system slowing you down? By upgrading your system, you could switch to a program that is 2-3x as fast and can run reports in REAL TIME. Not only would your program be quicker, but your organization would be significantly more efficient in processing payroll. 2. [...]

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Get to Know our President

Name: Matt Edman Position: President, CEO Job Description: As our CEO, Matt has a lot of responsibilities and remains heavily involved in every facet of our business at ACG. He founded ACG in 2009 when clients requested a unique type of service which wasn’t offered by other companies local to Alaska. Since that time Matt has taken ACG nationwide and our goal is to continue servicing the accounting, payroll, human resource, time and attendance needs of our growing client base. While his job description is extensive, here is a brief overview of his day-to-day tasks: Matt’s overall goal is to serve as a critical advisor to our entire team and support every aspect of our business. He supports pre-sales processes and works with sales and [...]

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Are you wasting time at work because of your outdated HR/Payroll software system?

For anyone who has worked in Human Resources and/or Payroll, you will understand the frustration and headache of working with multiple platforms requiring repetitive data entry just to bring a new employee onboard and get them set up with benefits and accounts. For too long, companies have been chained to software programs and databases that barely communicate with one another. Most companies are concerned with switching to a new software system, even if it will make their lives easier, because of the time that implementation will take as well as training out to managers and employees alike. Imagine having a single application that fully integrates your: Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Benefit Administration, Time and Labor, Payroll Processing, and had mobile access anytime and anywhere [...]

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