1. You still enter payroll manually

Are you still tracking your employees Payroll manually by using spreadsheets? If you have a small organization, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with this kind of process, but as your company grows this can get out of hand quickly. Manual entry on spreadsheets can cause more headaches for managers, an increase in human errors, and if multiple managers have access to edit the spreadsheet, you can expect more errors to be made on a routine basis. As your organization grows, you may need to consider a solution that has the ability to scale with your company. By switching to a system that automates your HR, Payroll, and Time & Labor, you can simplify your process and drastically minimize Payroll errors. Payroll solutions don’t need to be complex or costly and they certainly aren’t limited to major corporations. Check out our HCM solution and read how organizations of all sizes are reducing their Payroll errors!

2. Your software systems don’t work together

Are you using multiple software systems to manage your workforce? Many organizations use multiple software platforms that don’t sync together. Are you tired of working with different systems and still manually entering information on a routine basis because they don’t work together? This can cause an increase in human errors as well as eat up a lot of your managers time. Managers today are spending too much of their time entering and re-entering employee information into systems that don’t work together. By switching to a full-suite application with ONE EMPLOYEE RECORD, you can give managers back time to focus on other important things. With Kronos Workforce Ready you have a full-suite application that can manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire! Wouldn’t it be nice to enter employee information one time and be done?! Our solution does just this and might just be the answer to all your problems!

3. Your employees are reporting their own work hours

Did you know that 80% of timesheets require correction? Manual processes to track employee hours can eat up a lot of your HR teams time. Many smaller organizations are allowing their employees to self-report work hours. Not only does this require a significant amount of cross-checking from your managers, it is also very likely this process is costing your organization money! It is statistically proven that in 92% of organizations have problems with employees misreporting their work hours. It is great to trust your employees, but it might be time to consider a different process if this is costing your company money. As your company continues to grow, more and more problems will arise for companies that allow employee self-reporting. Check out how our Time solution can help you track your employees in a quick and reliable way!

4. Your recruiting process is out of date

When new applicants are looking to apply for a job they do a significant amount of research on your organization before starting the process. New talent will judge your application and recruiting process and will pass on your organization if it seems out of date. You could be losing top talent just because your recruiting/hiring process is confusing and doesn’t look as “polished” as your competitors! A lack of modern and professional applicant tracking systems can also negatively impact your hiring process. Manually sorting through resumes can cause top talent to be bypassed and eats up a TON of your managers time. Wouldn’t’ it be great to have a seamless recruiting and onboarding process that looks professional and simplifies the entire process? Kronos Workforce Ready has an excellent recruitment tool that will ensure your process is simple for applicants and allows your managers better organization throughout the entire process.

5. Other managers don’t know how to manage your HR system

Do you have one person in your organization that understands your HR system? If so, this is the quickest way to hinder your organizations scalability! When other managers don’t have access to tools, processes, and systems, you could cause major headaches for your organization. What happens if your point person is out sick? Or heaven forbid leaves the company? In this instance it would be a great idea to train another manager to step up in case this happens. Some companies aren’t comfortable doing this due to employee privacy concerns. If this is the situation you are in, it’s a good idea to work with a software provider that understands your organizations processes and can act as a contingency plan in an emergency. At ACG, we are a consulting firm that understands your business inside and out and can jump in to help at any time. Not only do we sell great software, we can also be your safety net!