1. Increased security and speed:
For organizations that are still using server-based programs, it may seem scary moving to a cloud-based program. It is a common misconception that software programs that are cloud-based are less secure, when in fact it is just the opposite! Locally hosted programs leave organizations vulnerable to a potential virus, data breach, property theft and even personal identity theft. By choosing to move forward with a cloud-based application, you are protecting your organization from these threats. Not only do cloud based applications, such as Kronos Workforce Ready help protect your organization from potential threats, it is proven that cloud-based programs run FASTER. Information that you need can be accessed faster, saving you and your employees valuable time.

2. Ability to work anywhere
In today’s workplace, it is becoming more and more common for employees and managers to need to work from ANYWHERE. With locally hosted programs, you have to be at your desk in order to access valuable information. What if I told you that with a cloud-based program like Kronos Workforce Ready, you can work from ANYWHERE. Cloud-based programs allow you the freedom to work on the go and never miss a beat in the workplace. Check out this article to learn how our Mobile Application can give you the freedom to work from anywhere, with only your cell phone!

3. Cost Effective
Are you tired of paying for expensive servers, let alone maintaining/updating them on a regular basis? With cloud-based applications there’s no need to continually purchase and replace expensive servers. Cloud-based applications, such as Kronos Workforce Ready do not require that you annually purchase and install upgrade packages for your software to stay current, which is a huge cost saver for organizations!

4. Ability to scale
A cloud-based application will grow with your organization. Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a software platform that has the ability to scale as your business grows? At ACG, we are proud to partner with Kronos to deliver the Workforce Ready product. Kronos is constantly looking for ways to improve, grow, and update the software. At ACG, our sole focus is on our clients and giving each organization we work with a superior product and world-class service. Check out our website to see how ACG can help your organization!