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78% of organizations experienced numerous compliance issues in the last 12 months.

Compliance is a common word among Health and Human Services professionals, often for the negative reasons. Over three fourths of executive survey respondents reported experiencing compliance issues in the past. In an industry where noncompliance is costly and avoidable with modern technology, that number is far too high.

The laws and regulations surrounding Health and Human Services organizations are constantly changing and updating, with new policies being introduced constantly. To avoid future issues with regulatory compliance, executives need to invest in software that can ensure compliance once and for all.

44% of organizations rely on 3 or more internal systems to handle their workforce management processes.

Fluid, seamless communication between departments is crucial when it comes to cross-departmental communication. This communication increases in complexity and difficulty, however, when internal systems don’t communicate with one another, making data harder to retrieve and transfer. By rule of thumb, it seems that the more internal systems organizations have implemented, the more manual data entry they end up doing.

Switching to a unified, holistic system that meets all organizational needs puts all employees on one system, making communication effortless. With a unified system, employees are encouraged to come together to tackle common goals, and can easily access important data across all departments.

60% of executives predict their organizations workforce management budget will increase in 2018.

In fact, less than 13% of executives expect their workforce management budget to decrease. Not only does this show that organizations believe that increasing investments in workforce management will yield positive outcomes, but it also proves that the economic aspect of organizations is improving.

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